Student Life


Hadi School offers a variety of clubs in order to provide our students with the opportunity to foster new skills and creativity. For more information on the clubs below, please contact the class teacher.

Quran Kareem club: 8 week session

(Offered to grades PK- 6th grades)

Club Coordinator: Sheikh Javad cost $ 50

(Maximum 10 students, first come first serve)

In this club each child will get individualized attention by an experienced Quran teacher. Students will learn to read Quran kareem with Tajweed and memorize surahs. This is a good opportunity for students to build connection with the holy Quran kareem

Arabic Language club :

 8 week session

(Offered to grades PK- 3rd grades)

Club Coordinator: Sheikh Javad cost $ 65

(Maximum 10 students, first come first serve)

In this club each child will get individualized attention by an experienced arabic language teacher. Students will learn to communicate . and speak arabic language through skits and plays.    This is a good opportunity for students to build their arabic vocabulary.

“Let’s Build it” STEAM Engineering:

8 week session

Offered to grades 2nd – 6th

Club Coordinator: After School Enrichment Solutions

Cost: $108, for 8 weeks

Let’s Build It – Crazy Circuits! Is an exhilarating, cutting-edge area of engineering. In this unit, students will design, build, and test various circuits and electronic projects. Instructors will guide students through core concepts of electrical engineering, introducing them to circuits and electrical components. Students will use hands-on projects and experiments to explore how electricity is part of our daily lives. (No previous experience is necessary), just a desire to learn and build. Projects will include: a disc launcher, electronic games, musical instruments, alarms, and more, along with fun-filled class activities! Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, as well as the opportunity to earn engineering belts to demonstrate their learned skills!

Martial Arts:

8 Week Session

(Offered to grades KG-6)   

Club Coordinator: Master Kim 

Cost $50 per Students

(Minimum 8 students needed to start the club)

We believe a strong character is just as important as being strong physically. We will accomplish this through martial arts. Master Kim will be teaching a Korean Traditional Martial Arts called Jung Do Sool and Tae Kwon Do to your child in a safe environment. This martial arts has a techniques that are practical and can be learned at a very young age. We believe that martial arts is a great skill to learn not only for self-defense but it brings a lot of attributes that transcends to one’s life such as discipline, confidence, leadership, and self-control. You will have an opportunity to experience this in a safe environment at Hadi School.

Creativity Club
student_0620 weeks session      (Offered to grades 3-6)

Club Coordinator: Ms. Tina Haralambopoulos 

Cost $100 per student (all year club)

(Maximum 10 students)

This session we will be working with all different types of art to maximize creativity! We will be creating pottery, fiber art, painting, oil pastels and chalk. We will have an in-school field trip and every month we will be working with a new art medium. Get ready to have some fun!

Strategy Board Game Club:8 Week Session (Offered to grades 3-6)

Club Coordinator: Ms. Amanda Siakel

Cost per student: $35

Maximum: 12

A Strategy Board Game Club is for students to bond with their peers while playing strategic board games. Strategic board games promote learning, unlock thinking skills, and stimulate brain development in children. The games provided are not the old board games that are based on luck but are instead games that promote critical thinking skills and strategy. For instance, Evolution; the Beginning, Timeline, and Codenames. There will also be cooperative games like Hanabi, and Forbidden Island. These games promote team building and communication. There will be a wide variety of games, so several groups can play different games at the same time.

Experiment Club8 Week Session (Offered to grades K-2)

Club Coordinator:  Mrs. Sabaah Asghar

Cost per student: $20.00

Maximum: 10 students

Experiment club will have our little scientists exploring different types of science.  Students will experience everyday phenomenon in science through hands-on experiments and they will answer driving questions to investigate why these phenomenon occur.  These interactive experiments will allow students to enhance their critical thinking skills.  At the end of each experiment, students will be able to answer simple scientific questions relating to the topic of investigation.  Let the experiments begin!

Awesome Boys Club! 8 week session

(Offered to grades 2nd-6th)   

Club Coordinator: Ms. Aasema Razvi

Cost: $10 per Student

(Maximum 10 sstudents)

Running club is for those students who want to get in shape, build strength and stamina while they are young. This club focuses on running as well as working together in team sports. Awesome Boys Club is for those who want to run and get into a healthier lifestyle. Are you prepared for deep conditioning once a week? Are you up for the challenge?

ExploraVision ClubStudents: 2ndt -6th grade (by invitation only)

Club Coordinator: Zahra Raza       Club cost $20

Do you have an idea for our future? Then put on your creativity hats on and come join “Exploravision”. Exploravision is a national competition where students get to design technology for the future. Students will invent an item that will be used 20 years from now and write an extensive research paper regarding the technology and what is necessary to make this invention a reality. (Teacher will create teams by student selection)

Yearbook Club:8 Week Session (Offered to grades 4-6)

Club Coordinator: Ms. Amanda Siakel

Cost per student: $20

Maximum: 10 students

Yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and express oneself creatively, but each student’s contribution to the yearbook can be seen come to fruition when the yearbook arrives in June! After being trained in how to use the Treering Yearbook Online Design Program, students are partnered up and given the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on both at our weekly meetings or at home. In addition to designing pages, throughout the course of the year students also help-out with various other yearbook-related tasks including selling yearbooks, photography, and interviewing other students. There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff, whether one is interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, or meeting new friends. Students are encouraged to join and given a role in designing the yearbook and helping to make it successful!

The Hadi School NFP admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to made available to students at our school and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national or ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.